Clothes, especially a wedding gowns should look and feel as if they are made for you.

Your wedding day, is your day and being at the centre of attention your the perfectly fitted dress should provide you with comfort, confidence and should accentuate and celebrate your favourite features.


For bespoke wedding gowns your budget should be positioned at not less than £650 (plus the cost of your chosen fabrics).

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Your  Custom Bridal Experience includes:

  • Collaborative one-on-one custom design sessions

  • Inspiration research

  • Fabric swatching and fabric purchasing

  • Your dress design pencil sketches

  • One-of-a-kind hand drafted patterns using your unique measurements

  • Personal, professional and bespoke dressmaking and fitting services, from toile fittings to couture finishing.

  • A bridal dress box


  • Dressing Services - starting at £ 120    Recommended! 

        I will personally come to your wedding and/or portrait site to provide expert dressing services,            

        ensuring that all care is taken for the final look of your gown.

  • I can also transport the dress to the location, if  that is what you desire.​

        These services can be booked no later than a month before your special day.

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"The best things in life are free. The second best are very expensive." Coco Chanel