I am Mirra Hollands, a creative and highly experienced professional devoted to the tailoring, fashion and fitting industry. I have specialised in dressmaking, wedding tailoring, bridal alterations, fashion, costume design and have over 35 years of experience. 

Holding all the skills required to tailor and alter dresses with complex construction including beaded and embellished fabrics, I have a passion for well made and beautifully fitted clothes that are the right shape, style, fit and colour.

Designing and creating handmade clothing is my work and my passion.

As a child, I loved putting  pencil to paper and creating things with textiles.

This love of creating remained with me through school and university where I studied fashion design and textiles. I've aways loved clothes and  understand the difference they can make to each of us. The right clothes make us confident, empowered or just feel really great. To some it is their image or"brand". You only get one opportunity to make a fabulous first impression.  Let me take you on a journey to be the very best version of yourself.

I love helping others achieve confidence through their visual image and

I look forward to speaking and meeting with you.

                               Mirra x